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If you are looking for more in a vacation than simply lounging on a beach, Exotic Adventures is the place for you. We are passionate about enjoying travel to the fullest. We go to locations that are off the beaten path, and completely experience those places. If you love challenging yourself with new things, exploring new places, and cherish the idea of having photos of your self in the far-flung locales of your dreams, this is the site for you.  If you embrace the concept “those who work hard should also play hard, Exotic Adventures can design your ideal vacation. Whether you’re looking for a thrilling weekend getaway, an exciting tour, or a honeymoon that is beyond the typical, we are all about making memories that will last a lifetime.



    Most people book their vacations at least three to six months in advance. Request time off from work well in advance and/or secure the proper coverage so that your trip will not be interrupted or compromised by work issues. Some businesses require several months notice for vacation time. Other businesses do not allow vacations during certain periods, and only allow a limited number of employees to take time off at the same time. Keep these considerations in mind when making your travel plans.


    I strongly recommend purchasing travel insurance when booking your vacation, because life is unpredictable. If an emergency occurs that prevents or interrupts your trip, the travel insurance premium will be well spent. The alternative can be very costly.


    With the huge popularity of social media, you might be tempted to tweet or post about your whereabouts on Facebook in real time while on vacation. Be mindful that this type of post will tell people that you are away from home, and could make your house and personal belongings vulnerable to theft. Save your pictures and postings for when you return home.

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